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Analysis of reading speed using electronic and hard copy text in low vision patients with respect to the normal population

Case Study on the analogy of Newton’s three laws of motion to topiramate-induced myopia. Download
A Case Study on ocular albinism and it’s an association with low Vision Download
Scope of Optometry in Gujarat Download
Impact of progressive myopia due to increasing age and parental myopia in Navsari Download
Comparison of IOL power of Immersion A-scan and IOL master by different formulas In different axial length Download
Comparison of endothelial cell count in keratoconus patients & astigmatic patients Download
Comparison of two different Borish delayed refraction and modified Borish test with cycloplegic refraction Download
Influence of excessive use of smartphones changes in accommodative function, convergence, phoria, and refractive error status Download
Change in myopic refraction before and after lockdown period Download
Comparative study of PRE & Post-Operative astigmatism in phacoemulsification cataract surgery with 2.5mm limbal incision Download
Agreement of the kisa% index with pathfinder II placido disc based corneal topography Download
Survey on digital eye strain score among students in Navsari city Download
Comparison of ONH, GCC, and RNFL with SDOCT in normal, pre-perimetry, and glaucoma patients Download
Progressive addition lenses measurement skill evaluation with the use of rubrics to check competency among optometry students Download
Retrospective study to assess efficacy and effects of ND: YAG laser peripheral iridotomy inpatient with angle-closure glaucoma in terms of vision, iop & visual angle Download
VERION IMAGE GUIDED SYSTEM: Study on expected refraction and keratometry Download
A study of compliance & knowledge about glaucomain glaucomatous patients at tertiary glaucoma unit Download
To study the factors affecting on patient flow due to COVID-19” Download
Axial length and peripapillary retinal nerve fiber layer thickness changes in myopes Download
A study on repeatability and agreement of keratometry & refractive prediction between verion and IOL master 500 Download
Comparison of OCT RNFL changes and different types of Glaucoma Groups Download
Abstracts of Poster Presentations of the 17th Asia-Pacific Optometric Congress, Hong Kong Download